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  1. lucifer

    Important Question!!!

    sup mat
  2. lucifer

    don't think so mate

    don't think so mate
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  4. lucifer


    Welcome! I am RICH
  5. lucifer

    hi lol

    thx for joining and welcome!
  6. lucifer

    [METHOD] How to send a ton of emails for free

    'll try to keep this as short and as simple as possible. The method is pretty much "abusing" other people's mailers. Step 1. Get a big list of emails that you want to cold mail (we all know you're going to spam, but "cold mailing" sounds more business) This is the important part: Step 2. Find...
  7. lucifer

    How to get 5k$ AWS Credits and 10k$ Digital Ocean credits

    Quick Tutorial for Stripe Atlas Application What is Stripe Atlas? Stripe Atlas is a product by Stripe that lets US or non-US resident to form and register a US-based business in Delaware. They accept most type of startup to apply except dropshipping-based business as they deemed that business...
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    Free Hulu accounts!
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    will this work for steam in the US?
  10. lucifer

    COVID-19 cure is here, are you guys gonna take it?

    I rather eat grass
  11. lucifer

    Nova minecraft

    ill play fortnite and pubg anytime but not minecraft! lol
  12. lucifer

    How is everyone doing

    yes, im having a good day.
  13. lucifer

    Alternatives to Bitcoin?

    ETH all the way my friend
  14. lucifer

    Hello to my new friends.

  15. lucifer

    Who are your favorite social media channels/people to follow

    I fav is myself, sometimes i make mor account just to follow myself
  16. lucifer

    Do you need a PS3 to stream games through the Genkai service?

    I dont know anything about this maybe google it jahahahha use a ps4 why use a ps3
  17. lucifer

    Bitcoin is going really high now!

    This is the best time to invest in bitcoin. it has gone way beyond its all time high and possibly by the end of 2021, it will be 100k!
  18. lucifer

    Just bought the eclipse upgrade!

    just got the eclipse upgrade and its soo sick!
  19. lucifer

    Luke's MM service

    Luke's Official Middleman Service CONTACT INFORMATION: Pm me here on feedplug ACCOUNTS I MM FOR: Instagram Twitter Xbox Gamertags Playstation Usernames Fortnite Snapchat Anything & Everything! PAYMENT METHODS I ACCEPT: Bitcoin Ethereum Cashapp Apple Pay FEES: I have a flat...
  20. lucifer

    Hey my name's Luke

    Found out about this forum on quora right now, im interested to offer my mm services here