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    According to studies, India has the most peer-to-peer transaction volume. Bitcoin investors prefer peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions due to the country's cryptocurrency prohibitions. The bulk of African countries are in the same boat. What role do you have to play in this?
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    South African hold bitcoin more

    A recent study in South Africa found that 47% of South Africans held an average of $70 worth of bitcoin in their wallets. This is a massive fraction of South Africa's whole population. This is an excellent move that illustrates South Africans' understanding of cryptocurrency.
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    How betting company cheat the bettors

    After doing some research, I discovered that the betting companies are all aiming to scam us of our hard-earned cash. The odds were set in such a way that the betting corporation would never lose a dollar, regardless of which option was chosen. If you win a bet on a home win, the money you lost...
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    Ethereum makes a smart move

    Ethereum is one of the top 100 most valuable assets on the planet. Based on its market capitalization, it was ranked as the 97th most valuable asset in the world. This demonstrated that cryptocurrencies had become a global force to be reckoned with. What would you react to this...
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    Share your trading strategy

    Many cryptocurrency traders claim to have made six figures trading cryptocurrencies. I also intend to use cryptocurrencies to increase my earnings to six figures. I'm eager to learn from the more seasoned members of this wonderful forum. I wanted us to discuss our trading ideas for making...
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    Buy/ sell signal in cryptocurrency

    Getting a buy/sell signal is critical in cryptocurrency trading, especially if you don't know how to read crypto charts. The use of a candlestick for analysis can be extremely taxing on the brain. I've got some queries that need to be answered. Where do you believe I can acquire a reliable...
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    I planned to setup a mining farm

    Mining is gradually becoming a household name, and I'd like to invest in it, but I have a few questions. First and foremost, I aim to purchase a miner. These are my reservations. Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a miner? How much money can I make in a month for the cheapest amount...
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    Cardano would come to Africa

    Raising awareness about cryptocurrencies could help to increase demand and supply. Particularly if the coin is a brand-new endeavor. The Cardano company claims to have a strategy for making a name for itself in Africa. To generate demand for the cardano ADA, they planned to print certain...
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    Miami's mayor plans to accept bitcoin miners

    Despite the pressures encountered by bitcoin miners in China, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has stated that he welcomes the besieged crypto miners to set up camp in his city. He stated that he is providing them with low-cost, energy-efficient electricity to carry out their mining operations. Do...
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    Bitcoin vs real estate business

    Bitcoin and real estate are both extremely profitable ventures. The poll was held to determine which option is ideal for bitcoin investment and real estate business. People who chose bitcoin won because they thought it could make them wealthy overnight. Those who chose real estate, on the other...
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    Bitcoin mining difficulty

    According to the news I read and the evidence I have, bitcoin mining difficulty is increasing as the mining network becomes more congested. This demonstrates that bitcoin mining is no longer as difficult as it once was. The Chinese ban on bitcoin mining activities, which opened the eyes of so...
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    The CBDC projects

    As many governments aim to join the CBDC project, cryptocurrency adoption has become the order of the day. CBDC stands for central bank digital currency, and China was the first to use it. According to what I've read, the Chinese central bank uses blockchain technology and plans to integrate...
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    Protest in El Salvador due to bitcoin adoption

    El Salvador's president, Bukele, is attempting to make bitcoin the country's legal tender, but opponents have flocked to the streets to oppose the initiative. They sought the removal of the statute declaring Bitcoin to be legal tender. I feel El Salvador's president is misunderstood since the...
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    How to fight from anxiety and depression ?

    Depression is inevitable. It comes once in a while but the ability to manage it matters . The points that you raised are genuine
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    Do you think Hunting is murder?

    Obviously, i wouldn't say that hunters are murderers because it's a profession and we eat meat by killing this animals.
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    20th June 2021 Update | Premium Udemy Courses FREE For Limited Time *Enroll Now*

    I just want to confirm if the free course is certified. I will like to enrol for one
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    Spam: spreading negative

    I have always advocated for exposing fake and scamming websites. They have flooded the internet when they knew that people now work more online because of the pandemic
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    I like the features too. The interface is suiting. It's quite cool in here
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    Using bitcoin to fight inflation

    Bitcoin is actually a tool that could be used to fight inflation. The strategy is what i do not know
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    Scrap vehicles business

    Selling condemned vehicles is a lucrative business. The metal gotten from it are recycled into useful things.